The Evidence

The Evidence

Many concepts in
The Whole Universe Book are self-evident through observation, such as the fractal patterns of the universe. But, in postulating an inhabited universe, it helps to have some evidence, even if it is just a narrative account. So what evidence do I have for some of the claims I make  regarding beings and civilizations not of this planet?

There is much evidence scattered in our folklores, myths, religions, philosophies, arts and sciences: the Bible, the Koran, the Lotus Sutra, etc., Looked at in the right light, they all point to the fact that we are not alone and the universe is friendly. But they are for an earlier age and lacks scientific clarity. There is one relatively new source that explicitly states that it has an extra-terrestrial origin, and that is
The Urantia Book. This complicated tome has been in print for over half a century and has been much misunderstood and even maligned. There are many people who refuse to read the book in its entirety because of the academic bias on things that are outside mainstream conceptual frameworks. Plus, reading and understanding the book requires decades of time and study, and not just an open mind, but a mind that is conversant and comfortable with both spiritual and scientific themes equally. I used many concepts from The Urantia Book as it provided the key pieces to the big puzzle. These are the reasons I hold the information in The Urantia Book to be true and valid:

1. Logic. It makes a lot of sense and enhances and expands the concepts in most major religions and philosophies. It sheds scientific light on mysticism and spiritual insight into science.
2. It works. Although it is not a how-to book, there are ideas and concepts in the book that can be verified through personal experience. When the concepts are fully understood, there is a
rightness about them.
3. The details and the scope of thought dealing with vast expanses of time and space are not equaled anywhere. There are things discussed here that humans have not even thought about, as reflected in the literature and media of world history. If a person says that he comes from a mythical place, the thing that would distinguish that person's account from a fictitious one would be details. The details in
The Urantia Book regarding things which no human should know are so fine and intricate that it gives immense credence to the information. There are answers here that people have not even formulated questions about, concepts that humans could have no background for even conceptualizing.
4. The thing that is the most impressive and adds the most to its credibility are the high values that are introduced. There is nothing in the finest philosophical, spiritual and religious books that I know of  that come close to the standard of values portrayed in the book. This, above all, is the most meaningful, as these value concepts resonate in the inner core of our being.

By knowing who we are in the totality of time, space and spirit, we can attain self mastery and be in harmony with the Universe. The bottom line, whether in science or in spirituality, is that we see the results in our lives. If, by reading this book, you become a better and happier person and show more love in your behavior toward others, that is the ultimate evidence.

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