The Whole Universe Book

The Evolving Self
(From Are You A Megamorph?
Excerpt from The Whole Universe Book)

One of the most important things that are being communicated to us is that we are evolving beings. We are not static. We change for the better. We are megamorphs.
       The word comes from
mega, meaning large, and morph, to be transformed, a shortening of metamorphose; I use it here to designate a being on the verge of a major metamorphic transformation.
       Are you a megamorph?
       Do you believe in life after death? Do you believe you have a soul? Do you believe that there is more to life than the material? Are you angered, saddened, and or concerned about the problems that abound in this world? Do you sometimes wonder if there is a better place in the universe? Are you becoming more aware of a higher self that often criticizes the animalistic aspects of yourself and want to manifest the best of you and not the least? Are you becoming more aware that you are aware?
       Just thinking such thoughts as the above may mean that yes, you are a megamorph, for those thoughts are like the newly forming legs on a metamorphosing tadpole.
       I look around and I see many who are in various stages of transformation. Many are bewildered, confused. They see themselves changing, metamorphosing, but are not really sure, not really aware of what's going on, and what they are changing into. They are like tadpoles transforming into another state of being. The ones who are losing their "tails" are curious and excited. The ones who already have rudimentary "legs" are anxious at the prospect of leaving the "pond" to emerge into a new reality. The methods and processes of transformation from human to spirit have been communicated to us in various forms, in ways that are not obvious, but they are there, in our religions, in our art, our philosophies, in our cultural traditions, and they are being partially confirmed by our sciences. It was my intent to put all this together comprehensibly in this book.

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