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Creating A New You
(Excerpt from The Whole Universe Book)

The Neurons of Positivity

There are exciting new discoveries in neuroscience, the study of brain cells.
       In "Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain" (2007) author Sharon Begley documents the collaboration between neuroscience and Buddhism in which monks with up to 50,000 hours of deep meditational practice were hooked up to various instruments in order to see what was going on in their brains as a result of the meditation.
       The results were amazing and the details can be read in her book. The bottom line is that yes, we can change our brains by using inner mental techniques. Other discoveries in neuroscience have confirmed this. We have much more power to change our brain's wiring and structure than we had previously thought. There are still many things that, by nature, we cannot control, but it seems that there are a lot  more that we can, by nurture.
       These new discoveries give us a material basis for free will. If we can create new neurons, how will this impact your life?
       Experiment! If you are an experienced meditator, meditate on certain behaviors or traits that you want to strengthen, such as being more friendly. Then meditate on increasing the brain cells that give rise to friendliness. See if it will substantially improve your life. If it works for you, use it and include it in your arsenal of self-mastery techniques.
       Of course, this is what meditators have been doing all along, we were creating new brain cells and new connections which contributed greatly to the well-being of the whole. Now we have the scientific data to back us up.
       By reading
The Whole Universe Book you can discover your role in the universe, then optimize your being with cutting edge spiritual technology to enhance your life.

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