The Whole Universe Book

You and the Universe

The universe is more than matter/energy. Much more. To see the universe in its wholeness, the relationship between your understanding of spiritual reality and material reality must be clarified.
     Spiritual reality is just as much a part of the universe as is material reality. But science cannot grasp spirituality if it treats it in the same way as matter.  Spirituality cannot be grasped by asking the question of
what it is. Spirituality is not about what, it is about how good.
     It is about quality, not quantity. Quality is awareness of value. And without this awareness of value, the universe has no meaning. It is your own awareness and your relationship with the whole universe that defines your reality of being happy, fulfilled, compassionate, joyous, uplifting, friendly and more, as well as the negative realities of being sad, depressed, angry, hateful, jealous and selfish.
     If you are competing with others to ensure survival and prosperity by any means necessary, you are probably only happy when you have the material things that you desire. But if you are a person that is becoming one with the universe, complimenting and cooperating to further the wholeness, you are probably happier when you are participating in the growth of the bigger whole and treasure your relationships with others more than material possessions. It seems the people who are truly happy (poor or wealthy) contribute positively to the larger whole, and feel good because they earned their feelings of belonging. 
     The progression of spiritual evolution is for all of us to become spiritual adults, to relate to and work for the whole universal community as cosmically conscious beings who recognize that we can contribute positively to the universal scheme of things by making our individual wants and desires one and the same with the larger whole, and yet fulfill our own individual needs.
     The Whole Universe Book explains how to achieve these goals and be truly happy by belonging to the ultimate community: The Universe.

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