The Whole Universe Book

You and Eternal Life
(Edited excerpt from The Whole Universe Book)

We, humans, are fractal representations of neurons,  brain cells, (although some of us act like sperm cells, or muscle cells, or whatever we are patterning ourselves after). Neurons are memory cells. There are short term memory cells and long term memory cells. As you know from your own personal experiences, short term memories are memories that are not really that important, like say, what the color of your toothbrush was five years ago. That data was not important to you so you chose not to keep it. A long term memory may be memory you had of your first kiss or maybe your first child, or how to drive a car. It is memory you find valuable to yourself, to your entire organism.
       A short term memory becomes long term memory when the mind decides it is important enough to keep. What happens in the brain is that a short term memory cell gets tweaked so that a gene is expressed. It gets turned on. This is a genetic change so that now it can be copied and replicated. The original cell can die but the stored pattern of connections (memory) will remain in the organism as long term memory.
       This is the fractal pattern of eternal life. This is what the religions and philosophies have been trying to tell us all along. It's basically very simple.
       If we are of value to the whole organism, to the universe, to God, then we will be kept and we will continue to grow and evolve, participating in the flowering of the universe. If we are not of value, our life will only be retained as static data in the universe hall of records.

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