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About the Author

Being exposed to two or more cultures often makes one aware of the varied perspectives among different peoples. Richard Omura feels he was fortunate in that he had the opportunity to become deeply immersed in two cultures, Japanese and American, enabling him to see how words and actions are so strongly influenced by the box of culture and tradition. His background and origin seems to have designed him just for this purpose for he is constantly on the lookout searching the horizon for answers to questions that are about to be posed.

His experiences in the world has enabled him to come up with fresh new perspectives. He has delved into transcendental states of consciousness and discovered insights into himself and the universe with explorations into religion, spirituality, science and philosophy. He brings to his work a lifetime of experiences in various disciplines and sources of insight such as Buddhism, Transcendental Meditation, The Urantia Book, Science of Mind, and katsugen as well as study of the life and teachings of Jesus, the works of Deepak Chopra, Thich Nacht Hanh, Krishnamurti, Lao Tse, and keeps up with the latest discoveries in science and stays abreast of current trends.

Aside from creative, spiritual and intellectual pursuits, he is also an adventurer. He has swam with dolphins, surfed big waves in Hawaii, communicated with whales, been in Hollywood films, played Eskimo baseball with Inuits, lead tv crews to over 40 states, have composed, recorded and produced original music, have written four books, six screenplays, been an on-air DJ and copywriter, have gigged in various clubs in Los Angeles with his blues band, been a nightclub manager, worked as a professional photographer, interpreter and have overcome many physical, mental and spiritual challenges.

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