Birth of Gaia

(See also the Gaia Hypothesis)

          Gaia is a name that is used to refer to Earth as a living organism. Gaia is more than just a ball of mud with germ-like creatures living on the surface. We are one, the planet and its inhabitants, and as one, the Earth is a living, loving, breathing organism with mindal and spiritual qualities. Human beings are not apart from Gaia, we are Gaia as much as the fishes, trees, oceans, the clouds and the ecosystem. Everything that makes up our bodies: blood, bones, flesh, etc. all come from the Earth. Humans are an intrinsic part of Gaia. We are her "brain cells". We are the beginnings of Gaia's consciousness.
          Just as there are many thoughts in a human mind, there are many thoughts coursing the pathways of the planetary mind. The thoughts and ideas from politics, science, and religion are often embedded in film, TV, music, literature and other forms of mass media that circulate around the globe and influence the course of world events. These are the dominant thoughts of the proto-planetary mind. By dominant thoughts, I mean
those thoughts that directly lead to action which impacts the welfare of the entire unit, whether it is a single human being or a planet. These thoughts are the foundation for the dynamic self, the self that acts, the object of the word "I" as in "I think."
          You are the Earth. I am the Earth. It is this awareness and self-recognition that is the foundation of Earth's nascent mind and soul. Gaia/Earth's consciousness of herself as "I" begins with us. Once there are enough of us in this consciousness, there will be a tipping point when our collective "we are Earth" will turn into "I am Earth."
          For Gaia's consciousness to evolve, the individual units of information that comprise its brain, you, I, each of us, must actualize our wholeness as a unified being.
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